At El Granado hostel we value community and sustainability. We work with our local community as much as possible and we do our best to limit our impact on the environment. We are proud to be a sustainable tourism destination for conscious travelers.

These are just some examples of what we do.

  • We support Casita Verde Granada and off-the-grid with fundraising events, donations and promotion.
  • We provide the space for local food cooperative hortigas to distribute their organic veggies once per week.
  • Our gas-powered water heaters are new, high-efficiency units
  • All our taps are fitted with tap aerators, which reduce the water used by up to 50%
  • We recycle and try to make sure it is done as best as possible – we need your help with this!
  • We limit the use of single-use plastics as much as possible. in fact, the only ones we use are bin bags and some cleaning product containers
  • Our electricity supplier lucera commits to provide us 100% renewable energy
  • Whenever possible, we use recycled materials for hostel furniture and buy supplies from our local shops rather than amazon and the like!