Facilities are fairly clean. Best thing is hands down the rooftop terrace. The kitchen is up there and there are two outdoor terraces which make for a great community atmosphere. Was able to meet a lot of great people. Also the cave dinner!! Definitely do not pass it up. Such an incredible experience. Would stay here again in a heartbeat.

Sydney Daviskiba (USA), Hostelworld Review 15-02-2022

The staff will make your stay unforgettable, they are super helpful. There is a whatsapp group and lots of activities are organized. Also often family dinner in the large living-kitchen to get to know each other! Location is great, all rooms are surrounded by a patio, no bother from the street. Super rooftop with sun, very nice place, also to meet people!

Evelien (Netherlands), Booking.com Review 21-02-2022

This is a top notch hostel. Social but not party, you can sleep when you want but its very easy to meet people and go do absolutely whatever. This is exactly what a hostel should be. Beds are comfortable and private with curtains. Reception is acommodating, helpful. Showers are warm and plentiful. You can wash clothes and leave luggage. Not super cheap, but you get what you pay for here. TOP NOTCH.

Thor-Rune (Norway), Hostelworld Review 14-01-2022

Amazing hostel! Very nice common room where some people played guitar and you could easily socialize with everyone. The staff is incredibly nice and make you want to stay longer than you can. The activities were also guided very well and they are worth the price. I would absolutely recommend it!

Vera Van, Google Review 25-01-2022

I love this hostel! It was by far the best one for how the family like it was the hostel was big but they being so much like a family it made it feel like home. The family dinners where great and everyone at the end of the day goes out together. I had a blast wish I could have stayed longer but I had to go back to Madrid to fly home. I loved everything about my stay in Granada!

Haileigh Clavette (USA), Hostelworld Review 18-01-2022

It was more difficult to choose a hostel in this city but I am very thankful for having ended up here. First day I walked in and was offered wine and genuine Italian pasta (made by a volunteer) and the rest is history. Met people my age that I really vibed with and a bunch of other zany characters which was also really fun. More than 4 diverse chilling spots make it a great place to hang out and chill and if one area isn’t working for you it’s easy to switch it up.

Jordan, Google Review 26-12-2021