One of the best hostels I’ve ever stayed at! The staff were beyond helpful for helping us organize our visit in Granada, the room was wonderful, and the common areas were very well designed. Wish I could have stayed longer!

Max (USA), Hostelworld Review 29-09-2022

Beautiful hostel with a welcoming staff. The rooms are comfortable and clean and the common areas are perfect for meeting people from all over the world. Beautiful idea to organize activities to involve guests and have fun together

Anita (ITA), Booking.com Review 16-09-2022

One of the best hostel experiences I’ve ever had. Loved all the activities, met great people, loved that the beds had curtains. Everything was clean and very pretty. Perfect location. Definitely recommend!

Kaitlyn (USA), Hostelworld Review 15-09-2022

A nice, neat and clean hostel. The staff very helpful and very friendly.
Also ideal for solo travellers, I will come back and can only recommend it.

Ahmad, Google Review 02-10-2022

Really great vibes and great staff. Fun activities and a nice facility. All round it’s one of my favorite hostels (out of dozens I’ve tried around the world)… think Selina but more homey.

Michael (USA), Hostelworld Review 18-09-2022

El Granado was one of my fave hostels out of 6 during my trip. It has a good yet quiet location, and a rooftop bar for socializing, plus common areas on the ground floor. I stayed in the private room, which was clean but the shower stall was very small. I loved that there were group activities (cave dinner is A MUST DO, not offered daily!). I was SO sad to only have 1 night here, missing out on a day hike trip and more group dinners with amazing people. Take me back, PLEASE!

Winyen (Canada), Hostelworld Review 11-09-2021